Welcome to the project page where I let you in on the progress of ongoing projects, as well as future ones.

Currently Drawing - One Page Comics

Currently I'm drawing a series of one page comics based on little daily observations, or a specific moment in time. They're kind of abstract and there's no added text aside from the title. Check out the drawing of one of them, Stop & Go-Kart, on Youtube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Hellooooo Kitty Tumblr

Join me on my nostalgic pop-culture journey as I make 365 Hello Kitty icecreams out of clay. Updates every now and again.  I also reblog general pop-culture stuff I find interesting. There is a FREE PDF of the first 101 kitties available for download on Gumroad! 

Flying Blind - A set of Super Hero blind contour drawings on Flickr

Join me on Flickr for a non-regular recurring series of drawings that I like to make from time to time to keep myself loosened up. Blind contour fan art of super heroes for the light of heart. 

Future Book - Animate Inanimates

Hopefully all goes well with my first book and it will teach me lots of valuable lessons. Making my own books is something I've always wanted to do, and something I'll want to continue doing. The next book I plan to make is going to combine drawings of specimens/taxidermy, wind-up toys, and gyotaku printmaking to create Animate Inanimates - it will revolve specifically around the feeling of that potential for life/life that was.