Tea For One

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About the Project
Tea for One is about memory, all the little changes that happen, and the connections we try to make. Each drawing works together to tell this story through the act of making a cup of tea. During the course of the images you realize that there is a broken cup, mixed up with all the images of boiling the kettle and getting the tea ready. Often the images are disjointed. Different images almost connecting together as you try to remember how the cup broke among all the embedded ritual memories of the hundreds of times you've gotten a cup of tea. It ends with the broken cup glued back together. There are chips gone and pieces jutting out that just won't go back together quite right. The cup may no longer hold things the way it once did, you can't put water in it anymore, but it'll hold your teabag just the same as always.  

Buying a Copy
Tea for One is going to be available in 2 formats. 
As a PDF on Gumroad: https://gum.co/wkca
9 pages of drawings (making up the comic), 1 dedication page, 1 information page, 1 about the artist page, and bonus images of in-progress details. 18 page total PDF. DRM and region lock free.

As a small format book through Blurb: http://www.blurb.ca/b/6919099-tea-for-one
The Blurb book is 20 pages. Those 20 pages consist of: 4 standard blank filler pages, 9 pages of drawings, 1 information page about the project, 1 about the artist page, 1 dedication page, and 4 pages of in-progress images from drawing the book. It's in Portrait format, 9.75 inches (25cm) in height and 7.75 inches (20cm) wide.

In Progress Photos