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About the Blog
Welcome to my personal art blog, iscream. Like the description says, this is where I make updates about all things artistic - whether they be finished works, sketches, just for fun doodles/e-cards, or where I am in terms of applying for jobs, exhibitions, or other foibles that take place as I try to figure this whole art career thing out. Occasionally I'll post about other main events going on in my life. This site also acts as the main hub for finding all of my work/adventures online.

Want to keep up with everything I'm working on as I'm working on it? Regular updates for all of my work/sites can be found on my Facebook Artist Page. It's public, so you don't have to have Facebook to follow along, just bookmark the page. If you do have Facebook, I am always grateful for a like.

I'm on Pinterest! Come check out some of my boards. In particular there's an iscream press board for my work, a My Halloween board for everything I'm making for that big Halloween Party I endlessly talk about having, and finally there's a board for The Hello Kitty Project.

About Me
Emerging artist and all 'round nerdy kind of girl, with a creative streak, a love for lame puns, all things garishly cute, and the horrendously tacky. Graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (M.U.N.). Trying to figure out exactly where I stand/fit in the art world with a strong passion for working in galleries, poster design, printmaking, and installation. Manager for a year at The Leyton Gallery in a maternity leave position. Currently working at the Art and Frame Shoppe as a custom framer/front attendant. I co-habitate with my highschool sweetie and a skinny pig named Scrunchion (RIP Gus-Gus and Jacques, my little mice).

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