Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Entry Submissions for The Geekie Awards have officially closed

Hey everyone! As I've mentioned before, I entered my toy designs into The Geekie Awards. Now that they are no longer taking new entrants, what happens next?

Next you'll see the remaining few people who want to upload their content slowly going up over on The Geekie Awards website listed under 2015 entries. These are not new submissions, just people who maybe haven't had the chance to upload their content to the site yet (it's not necessary for the initial judging round).

Right now they are estimating that all judging will be completed by July (except for cosplay, that's being done separately and submissions for that have not yet been taken). In July they will announce the nominees who are going up for awards in each category.

The judging is done by industry professionals! So at the very least just by entering, you're getting your work seen by the people that need to see it! Here's a list of this year's judges. Please do not solicit or contact the judges in any way on anyone's behalf as it will get them disqualified. 

I don't know yet how the categories are broken down this year, but in previous years Art has been further broken down into drawing/illustration, 3D/Sculpture, etc. You can win an award for your sub-section, plus you have the chance of winning best overall in the art category.

New this year is a public vote. In the past only cosplay has had a public vote component (and will again this year). What they're doing this year, because it was community suggested, and because sometimes the scoring between final nominees (the highest judge scores) are so close - they're doing a public vote. You can vote once a day, everyday, for 3 weeks. The nominee with the highest public vote wins the award. To allow the public to make an informed vote in addition to our current information on their website (complete with links) they will be putting up the content that we submitted (in the Art category that is the photos/portfolio pieces we submitted).

The awards show itself will take place over two days in October. The winners will not be announced (or know if they have won) until the live event takes place. The award night will be livestreamed so that you can tune in and watch it all go down.

If you want to read the entire breakdown of how it works here is their website page. They also have a page about the show.

Wish me luck, and don't forget to check out everyone who's entered this year!

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